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Study in France by Zenith Abroad Education ConsultancyAside from being the center of Western culture, art, thought, politics and research for over 800 years, France remains a major presence in the modern world and continues to be a huge contributor to the fields of science, art, cinema, fashion, technology, politics, philosophy, archaeology, trade and economics. Students studying in France today can benefit from a variety of opportunities and exciting developments in the French culture and economy. When the point of education is taken into consideration, to French it is a world tradition to welcome foreign students. The French education has a history which takes you back to 800 years and the students from all over come to France to study. Today, French universities have added a new dimension to their higher education. In addition to a good educational experience, studying in France leads to good career opportunities internationally after graduation. France is better known for its high level of technological development, culture and reputation in the education system, which attracts number of young aspirants here every academic year.

Industries & Research: In France, people use to say: “On n’a pas de pétrole, mais on a des idées!” (“We may not have petroleum, but we do have ideas!”). Talking French is talking in the language of math and science. When you go to high school, you hear about a lot of French mathematicians. Did you know that the French invented the ambulance, the printed language for blind people called Braille, canned food, photography and cinema, quantitative chemistry, automobile, battery, Sewing Machine, the metric system -just to name a few. France is the world’s fifth largest and wealthiest economy & it is the second largest economy in Europe. France has long been part of the world’s wealthiest and most developed national economies. With 39 of the 500 biggest companies of the world in 2010, France ranks 4th in the Fortune Global 500, behind the USA, Japan and China. Paris is the third most important localization for the world’s 500 biggest companies’ headquarters. There are more Fortune Global 500’s headquarters in Paris than in New York, London or Munich, but less than in Tokyo and Beijing. Notable companies in France include Total, AXA Group, Sanofi-aventis, Renault Group, Saint-Gobain, L’Oréal, Peugeot, Alcatel-Lucent, Christian Dior, Schneider Electric, Michelin, Capgemini, and Sodexho.

Lifestyle: France is what we refer to as a multicultural society and it is hard to imagine that the way of life is homogeneous throughout the country. With its colorful history and deeply rooted regional traditions, you will find France anything but boring. If there is one thing to be said about French, it would definitely be that it is the language of cuisine and gourmet cooking. Explore the famed French cuisine, dare to taste new flavors and get to know the locals. A great way to do so is to participate in the many celebrations and events held here or by visiting the fêtes and markets. There are countless and unforgettable events and festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. 

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Top Reasons to Study in Malaysia

Study in MalaysiaMalaysia has grown tremendously and has become a more developed country over the years since its independence more than 51 years ago.We have compiled together some of the top reasons to Study in Malaysia for an Indian students. 

Top Reasons to Study in Malaysia

  • Internationally Recognized Degrees: Malaysia is acknowledged to be one of the leading country in terms of development of transnational educational programmes. It offers a wide range of Unique collaborative degree programmes such as twinning degrees (for example:2 years in Malaysia and 1 year in overseas host university) and 3+0 international degrees (where the entire foreign university degree programme is taught in Malaysia).These programmes are offered to local as well as to international students at cheaper tuition fees . Also the Degrees of Malaysian Universities are recognized worldwide and Students here can get the chances to earn Degrees from big Universities of U.K, Australia ,Canada, etc.
  • Economical: The Tuition Fees of Malaysian Universities is less as compared to other developed countries like Australia, Canada, and U.K. Also the cost of living for international students to study in Malaysia is quite low. So, the low living cost besides the cheaper tuition fee would appeal to both international and local students in terms of great savings of living expenses while studying in Malaysia as compared to other countries in Europe and North America. Food, transportation, accommodation as well as other living expenses is all very low. Students can find accommodation very easily and in cheap rates.
  • Excellent Teaching Facilities: The classes are small and interactive So that teachers can communicate with each and every student and solve the problems of students easily and quickly. The teaching style is logical and practical. You cannot just study but apply the things you learnt.
  • Flexible Credit Transfer System: Malaysian Universities have consortium of partner universities, which allows admission through credit transfer to students who are studying in Malaysian universities. It becomes very easy for the students to transfer their credits to the consortium of partner universities and earn an international degree. Most of the partner universities are of U.K, Australia and Canada.
  • Multicultural Environment and Friendly People: Every year large number of international students come to make their careers. So you find different cultures living under the same roof and can see and feel different colors of different countries. Also Malaysians are very welcoming and will make your stay a memorable one.

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